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Tid 2022EOQ webinar; Tema/TitelPresentatör/ArrangörLänk till inspelning SFK medlemskapKort om innehållet 
6 aprilTransforming Quality Management into the Digital Age.Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schmitt President of DGQEOQ Webinar – How we benefit from where we come from_ Transforming Quality Management into the Digital Age-20220406_140018-Meeting Recording ().mp4For anyone concerned with quality and embracing the increasingly digital world in the process, this webinar will provide an engaging hour of information. Be inspired by the all-round experienced Mr Schmitt and his vision of ’Transforming quality management into the digital age’. 
14 aprilWebinar by Fernando BARRAGAO and Hélène SCHMIDT from ATRFernando BARRAGAO, Head of Central Quality, and  Hélène SCHMIDT, Quality Management System SpecialistWebinar ATR Aircraft – World leader in regional aviation ATR has made quality and environment top priority-20220414_110223-Meeting Recording.mp4As the world leader in regional aviation, ATR has made quality and environment top priorities in line with its stakeholders’ expectations. 
21 aprilThe Chartered Quality Institute’s 2021-22 Workforce Insights research.Alexander Woods Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Policy ManagerWebinar Workforce Insights Research 2021-22 – Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)-20220421_110105-Meeting Recording (1).mp4EOQ cordially invites you to a webinar where we will learn all about a recent survey by CQI.
At the end of March, the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), UK National Representative member of EOQ.
25 majWebinar presenting an overview of the latest “Insights on Excellence (IoE)”Paulo Sampaio Professor of Quality and Organizational Excellence at the University of Minho, PortugalEOQ Webinar presenting an overview of the latest “Insights on Excellence (IoE)”-20220525_070123-Meeting Recording.mp4In this webinar the latest research will be shared including comparisons between Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Rest of the world. 
10 augustiAdaption to ChangeAlka Jarvis ASQ fellow with 30 years of experience in software engineering, including 19 spent in total quality managementEOQ Webinar – Adaption to change – Please share by your members and colleagues-20220810_170106-Meeting Recording.mp4The presentation will show the attendees techniques to adapt in a rapidly changing world. 

Tid 2023
EOQ webinar; Tema/TitelPresentatör/ArrangörLänk till inspelningKort om innehållet
31 januariQuali’Bord 2022 WEBINAR by Patrick MongillonPatrick Mongillon Vice President France Qualité Executive Vice President EOQ  EOQ Webinar – Qualibord – Please feel free to invite your organisation and members-20230131_110042-Meeting Recording.mp4Quali’Bord 2022: a study by France Qualité on the state of quality in France compared to its European neighbours.
14 marsWEBINAR by Mr. Andreas Steinhorst on the European Accreditation associationAndreas Steinhorst Executive Secretary of the European co-operation of AccreditationEOQ Webinar – European Accreditation, EA, its activities and regulatory developments. Share with your members and network.-20230314_110018-Meeting Recording.mp4Learn more on the EA’s activities and developments, especially regarding new EU legislations. In this webinar, Mr. Andreas Steinhorst will guide us through the European Accreditation association. You will get an update on the EA’s activities and developments, especially regarding new EU legislations, using conformity assessment and accreditation.
27 aprilExperiences from the emerging battery industry in Europe.Mats Deleryd SVP Corporate Quality, Safety & Security på Norska FREYR BatteryEOQ Webinar – Freyr Quality Management supporting a sutainable development 20230427.mp4During the seminar Mats Deleryd will share his experiences and reflections on the role of Quality Management to support sustainable develop-ment, especially in a start-up environment. He will share his insights on how important working with quality is to build credibility and stability in a new industry.  
24 majWebinar about one of Europe’s latest labels on product and company quality.Mrs Klavdija Kojc Commercial Director UNIOREOQ EQTM – Unior webinar May 24, 2023.mp4  Basic facts about the new quality mark will be demonstrated in this webinar.
Unior d.d., one of the world biggest hand tools manufacturers, producing 12 million pieces per year, exporting to 120 countries will introduce EQTM recognition for its products.
15 juniThe two-wheeled world of POLISPORT: a WEBINAR by Mr. Tiago Marques PereiraMr Tiago Marques Pereira Currently Director of Quality, Environment, Safety and Continuous Improvement at Polisport, the world leader in the production of baby seats for bicycles.Reminder – Free EOQ webinar – Polisport (EQTM) – company presentation-20230615_110106-Meeting Recording.mp4Learn more about Polisport’s vision of quality, safety, and sustainability.
Since 2022, Polisport has been listed as 1 of the highly rated companies by EOQ that received the EQTM value mark.
During this webinar, Polisport director Tiago Marques Pereira, takes us into his ’world on 2 wheels’. We will learn more about the Polisport way of working with quality, security, and sustainability.

31 augustiCritical success factors from a leaders’ point of view.EOQ och Dag Kroslid, CEO NorDan Grupp Vinnare av EQL Award 2023Free EOQ Webinar – European Quality Leader Award winner 2022_2023 – Mr. Dag Kroslid, CEO, NorDan Gruppen AS.-20230831_110017-Meeting Recording.mp4EQL award winner, Mr. Dag Kroslid, will reflect about his leadership and critical success factors from a leader’s point of view.
The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) celebrated on June 8, 2023, the winner of the European Quality Leader Award 2022/2023: Mr. Dag Kroslid from Norway.
He is the CEO of NorDan Gruppen AS, a company among Europe’s leading manufacturers of windows, doors, and smart accessories.

28 september  Core Activities SQA – Mercedes Benz vehicle. Leadership principles, including some aspects of digitisation and innovation skills.Mariluz Villamor Mercedes Benz, en av de tre finalisterna EQL Award 2023EOQ Free webinar -CORE ACTIVITIES SQA – Mercedes Benz-20230928_100043-Meeting Recording.mp4The presentation summarises all the preventive activities that precede the launch of a new Mercedes BENZ vehicle which should ensure a level of maturity among key suppliers of new parts. Beside this, Ms Villamor also talks about leadership principles, including some aspects of digitisation and innovation skills, needed to lead a quality organisation in the current decade.    
11 oktober  EFQM and collaborative management in a medium-sized company.Jean-Francois Revel CEO SCLE, en av de tre finalisterna EQL Award 2023EOQ Free webinar_ EFQM and collaborative management in a medium-sized company. Presented by one of the EQL finalist-20231011_110007-Meeting Recording.mp4The aim of this presentation is to explain how SCLE has deployed quality standards and the EFQM excellence model to boost its development. In this webinar, Jean-François REVEL, will show that the ”TOP-DOWN” managerial approach is definitely a thing of the past and that the ”BOTTOM-UP” approach is emerging as an effective and sustainable alternative. Leadership is decentralised within a collective intelligence, at the service of the company’s culture and values, in the search for mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders. Finally, CSR is no longer an option, but a necessary commitment to ensure the company’s long-term future.
19 oktoberAgility WEBINAR – Peter CoesmansPeter Coesmans, the Chief Agility Officer for the Agile Business Consortium (, a not for profit professional body for business agilityEOQ free webinar_ Business Agility – what is it_ Join the webinar and learn how to work more agile-20231019_150013-Meeting Recording.mp4  Join the webinar and learn how to work more agile. Change is coming more rapidly than ever and to predict the future will be even more difficult. Organisations need to adapt themselves, adaptability becomes an organisational competence, a needed skill for survival. This changes the ways organisations structures and manage themselves. It will also influence the role of quality and the quality professionals. In this session, we will learn more about business agility : – When and why is agility needed? – How is business agility influencing processes, structures and functions throughout the organisation? – How can quality and the quality function lead in this change, or at least not hamper the change when it is needed?
21 novemberISO/CASCO Hur säkerställer vi kvalitet och säkerhet i en komplex och digital värld. (I samarbete med EOQ) “Conformity assessment building trust in a digital world”François E. Guichard, Masaaki Mochimaru, Roland Qtoui, Patrick WallWebinar: Conformity assessment building trust in a digital world ( do we ensure quality and safety in a complex and digital world? How do we trust the “objects” that interact with us and each other without human intervention? These are some of the questions that the conformity assessment community faces in its mission to provide confidence in the things our modern lives rely on.  This webinar will focus on the assessment of increasingly complex and digitized products, processes, services, and systems. Join us as we explore the opportunities, risks, and challenges of this mission in the digital era.  
Tid 2024EOQ webinar; Tema/TitelPresentatör/ArrangörLänk till inspelningKort om innehållet
30 januari“Empowering organizations to achieve excellence”Paulo Sampaio Professor of Quality and Organizational Excellence at the University of Minho, Portugal  EOQ Free Webinar – EOQ Webinar presenting an overview of the latest “Insights on Excellence (IoE)-20240130_090112-Meeting Recording.mp4EOQ Webinar presenting an overview of the latest “Insights on Excellence (IoE)”. The Insight on Excellence, IoE, is performed by American Society of Quality Excellence (ASQExcellence)
12 februariQuality Governance-The key to a sustainable future.Dr Victoria Hurth is a global leader in aligning business with long-term wellbeing for all (sustainability). Her work with executives centres around thought leadership in the 5 core pillars of purpose, governance, marketing, leadership and culture – which underpin strategy and execution.  Quality Governance-The key to a sustainable future. Speaker Victoria Hurth-20240212_110015-Meeting Recording.mp4  Why unsustainability is one massive governance failure and why therefore quality governance is key to a sustainable future.
We are witnessing the breakdown of the social and environmental systems that support our collective long-term wellbeing and it can often feel like the issues are too big to tackle.
In this session Victoria will outline why unsustainability is one massive governance failure and why therefore quality governance is key to a sustainable future.
19 marsManaging your professional competence in a changing world.Gareth Kingston
Head of Professional Development
Gareth Kingston has worked for the CQI since 2016 and since 2022 as the Head of Professional Development.  
Managing your professional competence Gareth Kingston.mp4  In this webinar, Gareth Kingston (Head of Professional Development, Chartered Quality Institute) will talk about the CQI’s approach to CPD, and how quality professionals can ensure that they are ready to meet the challenges facing the profession.
4 aprilSocial services for the people of the future.Keiu Talve has been working in social services sector for 20 years. She’s been involved in implementing EQUASS in Estonia since 2010 by being a consultant, international auditor, and trainer.    EOQ Free webinar – Social services for the people of the future. Speaker_ Keiu Talve-20240404_150052-Meeting Recording.mp4  European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) is an initiative and a quality framework created and managed by the European Platform for Rehabilitation. EQUASS aims to enhance the social sector by engaging social service providers in continuous improvement, learning and development to ensure quality of life of service users.  
7 majLeading sustainability: new tool for CSRD reporting.Juha Ylä-Autio CEO of Excellence Finland, the Finnish Quality AssociationEOQ Free webinar – Leading sustainability_ New tool for CSRD reporting. Speaker_ Juha Ylä-Autio-20240507_140007-Meeting Recording.mp4  In this webinar we offer viewpoints into the typical pitfalls in sustainability management and why it’s essential for quality management to be actively involved in driving sustainability initiatives. The introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) marks a significant shift in how quality organizations approach sustainability. What immediate and long-term implications these regulations impose and how quality organizations in Finland are currently tackling this shift. Excellence Finland, The Finnish Quality Association, an EOQ National Representative, has developed a new assessment tool to streamline and support CSRD reporting process. The tool is designed particularly for small and medium companies as well as large corporations looking for ways to ensure that their supply chains also meet the new reporting standards.  
4 juniWhat 20 years of deploying Lean Six Sigma have taught me.Mr. Željko Rakic is a multilingual Business Excellence and Operational Leader with extensive global experience in the mining and chemical industries.Free EOQ Webinar – What 20 years of deploying Lean Six Sigma have taught me – Zeljko Rakic-20240604_160009-Meeting Recording.mp4  This session will focus on the critical success factors for Lean Six Sigma deployments, drawing on Mr. Željko RAKIC’s vast expertise. With extensive experience across multinational corporations in The Netherlands, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, the presenter of this webinar, Mr. Zeljko Rakic plays a pivotal role in our deployments with global entities such as Adidas, LeasePlan, and DS Smith. His profound understanding of the nuances in various cultures and corporate environments positions him uniquely to understand the factors that distinguish successful and sustainable Lean Six Sigma deployments from those doomed to failure.
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